Arzoo Govitrikar applies for divorce from husband Siddharth Sabharwal and accuses him of domestic violence

Due to an surprising change, Arzoo Govitrikar filed for divorce from her partner, Siddharth Sabharwal. He has been accused of domestic violence by an actress.

According to an ETimes report, Aarzoo filed a domestic violence grievance towards Siddhars on February 19, 2019. The actress mentioned she took her to the toilet and beat her after disagreeing along with her husband about alcoholism.

She mentioned, “Yes, I applied for a divorce. It’s enough and I’m not going to lie down anymore. I swallowed my pride, worked hard and did my best. But the problem came to my mind and I couldn’t. Siddhars Don’t continue. I wasn’t spoken in the media until now, even when I was plagued by a phone call from a journalist two years ago, but I’m talking today. He was pulled around my neck He tried to throw me out of the flat. He hit me. He kicked me in my stomach. I was beaten by black and blue and got out because I didn’t want to get a bruise. There was a day when I didn’t. I saw it. “

“Mujhebahut gandi gaaliyan deta tha. (He was abusing me. Imagine. He threw me abusive casterists. He also told me I was bye. I Suffering from fainting and swollen limbs. I would stop falling asleep and if I could manage to sleep, I would wake up suddenly at 2 am. “

“Siddhars first raised his hand to me two years after our marriage, and he just drifted away after his son was born three years after we became a man and wife. He started sleeping in another room. Then I he was a Russian girlfriend; he was always chatting with her. I faced him about her. Because he is separate. I don’t know if they are with me now. It will help me to get justice. “

Arzu talks about his son, “He loves our child and, as we speak, he is at his house. I have our child meet his father and spend time with him. Never robbed a woman. A woman doesn’t want to break her marriage. It’s the last thing she does only when she’s pressed against a wall and has no choice. Garris (verbal abuse), Violence and unfaithfulness were intolerable. “

For these unfamiliar, Arzoo has appeared on distinguished tv exhibits comparable to “Ek Ladki Anjani Si”, “Ghar Ek Sapna”, “CID” and “Naagin 2”.

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