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Agriculture emerges as bright spot in COVID-19 gloom

Adding further, Rajan averred, “2020 could very well become 1991 for agriculture.” However, to fully exploit its potential Rajan wants a robust demand, attractive opportunity, timely support offered by the governments and unique competitive advantage.

Advocating the idea to revive the agri-sector, Arun Raste stated that the youth of the country has to come forward with new ideas to revive agriculture. Adding to this, Simon Thorsten Wiebusch stated that with more and more farmer producer organisations (FPOs) coming in, there will be a need for rural management which would need smart human resources which would demand an understanding of economics and farm management principles. He underscored that food security does not mean merely grain security. It means nutritional security and that India needs to address this urgently.

To become what China is for industries, it will not be tough for India if it manages its agriculture skillfully, stressed Raste. To which Rajan suggested that what matters is the evolution of a thought process and the first step could well be to address agriculture as agribusiness. He felt adding business to the word agriculture will change perceptions and hence the economics of this sector and it will become a lot more attractive among the youth.

Raste strongly believes that government intervention in the sector should be minimal in order to attract more youth to the sector. Echoing the thoughts, Wiebusch asserted, “The government should only regulate what needs to be regulated.” In the current environment, Wiebusch added, the government should set the right parameters and pull itself out of areas where its intervention is not required.

Watch lecture session of webinar below:

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