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DNA Special: How deadly COVID has left people debt-ridden

Amid the surge in the Coronavirus cases across the country, several state governments are imposing curfews or are resorting to other measures to tackle the pandemic situation. The Maharashtra government is considering banning air and train services between Delhi and Mumbai.

The Gujarat government has imposed a curfew in Ahmedabad from 9 am on Friday to 6 am on Monday. However, all essential services will be available to the people. Passengers visiting Ahmedabad airport and railway station will be exempted from the curfew. That means such passengers will be able to go to the airport and the railway station by showing their tickets.

In Gujarat, a night curfew has also been imposed in Rajkot, Vadodara and Surat from Saturday which will be applicable from 9 pm to 6 am.

The curfew will be imposed at Pandharpur in Maharashtra from 12 am to 12 pm on the night of November 24.

Unfortunately, when the caseload in the country was less, there was more fear among the people, however, as the caseload is increasing manifolds, people have become lax, callous and negligent.

Over the past few days, pharma companies – US’ Pfizer and Moderna, and Sputnik V vaccine by Russia are grabbing all the headlines with their claims of successful trials of the COVID-19 vaccine. Pfizer claims 95 per cent success, followed by Moderna at 94.5 per cent and Sputnik V at 92 per cent.

Last week, when Pfizer claimed to have succeeded up to 90 per cent of its vaccine, its shares rose by 19 per cent. However, when Moderna claimed 9.4 per cent success, Pfizer’s shares fell by 4.5 per cent. This was because the vaccine made by Pfizer would need to be stored at a temperature of minus 70 degrees Celsius, while Moderna’s vaccine can also be kept in normal fridges. Because of this, Moderna’s share prices rose by 1.6 percent. But today, the price of the company’s shares has started rising once again after Pfizer claimed to have succeeded up to 95 percent of the vaccine.

The situation is that the production of refrigerators needed to store Pfizer’s vaccine around the world at minus 70°C has intensified. The production of these vaccines in the special type of vials that will be stored has also become faster. Work on the rest of the logistics has also started. The boxes in which these vaccines will be placed will have GPS tracking are also planned. United States, Britain and European countries have started placing orders for these vaccines, but no one knows when these vaccines will actually come to the market.

The situation in India is that soaps, distemper, paint, toilet cleaner, which claim to fight the corona up to 99.9 per cent except for the vaccine, have all come into the market. That means the market is exploiting your fears.

Coronavirus is a trap that has engulfed people and there seems to be no way out. It has led people to the untold misery of death, debt, ill-health. Even in death, patients are not finding peace. With no place in hospitals, and crowded cremation grounds and crematoriums, the suffering is incomprehensible

Those who go to private hospitals are left debt-ridden for life as their bills run into lakhs. Such is the tragedy of this virus.

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