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Give back my money, PMC Bank depositor appeals to PM

Being disabled, Kaur has to rely on her parents entirely. “I thought, with my savings, I could get a maid to assist me, as my parents are too old. I cannot even bathe without my mother’s help. Through my savings, I only wished I could give some relief to my parents. However, today we don’t even have money to meet our daily needs.”

Kaur exclaimed that the PM, in his public address, had asked everyone to become atmanirbhar (self reliant). “I thought I was self reliant. But my hopes have been shattered. I am in distress and, thereby, appeal to him to fix the PMC Bank crisis the same way they did for YES Bank, ” she said.

Meanwhile, RBI, on June 19, extended the restrictions on the beleaguered PMC Bank for another six months to December, 22. However, the RBI has enhanced the withdrawal limit for its depositors to Rs 1 lakh from the existing Rs 50,000. On extending the withdrawal limit, Kaur commented, “It will be of no help, as those who withdrew Rs 1 lakh already will not get the opportunity once again. Moreover, the RBI should understand that the common man is suffering and it is their money that is stuck. Several people lost their lives after the PMC bank scam was exposed. Today, to get our own money, we are compelled to beg.”

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