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How I got cured of COVID-19 in 14 days for free without visiting the hospital

As I watched and wrote about news around the COVID-19 pandemic, I didn’t really experience the magnitude of it’s effect, till it hit me and my family.

Documenting my journey on social media, there were many who had questions about the same.

It all began with my father falling ill after he resumed work. Not to mention he also shopped for groceries every week, so it’s hard to tell where and how he contracted the virus.

Since it was fever and nothing serious, he visited a local doctor who prescribed a five-day antibiotic course, followed by a test for cholesterol and diabetes.

The tests didn’t show anything significant and the medicines didn’t help. We visited another doctor and in the process, all of my family members (mother, brother, and me) fell ill one by one.

We all recovered, except for my dad whose health deteriorated rapidly. It was one morning that he was scared and short of breath.

After making a few calls he was suggested by a friend to get tested at a government quarantine facility. My brother accompanied him while I stayed home with my mother.

The two men of our family tested positive, and as a result the BMC workers from my ward came home to sanitise our surroundings and neighbourhood.

I can’t put it in words how embarrassing it was, because let’s be honest, no one made us feel otherwise.

Eventually, me and my mother decided to get tested as well. We packed and left home, with no idea what’s next.

As I took a cab to reach the facility, I was asked to stand at the gate, while my oxygen level and pulse was checked. My personal details were taken including my medical history and Aadhar card (mandatory for admission).

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