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P Chidambaram accuses PM Modi of giving China a ‘clean chit’ by his remarks that there was no intrusion

PM Modi had triggered a controversy by his remarks at an all-party meeting over violent clashes with Chinese troops in the Galwan Valley. During all-party meeting, PM Modi asserted that neither has anyone intruded into Indian territory nor has anyone taken over any post.

Questioning PM Modi, Chidambaram asked if this is true why were 20 soldiers killed in Ladakh. “PM said there is no foreigner (meaning Chinese) in Indian territory. If this is true, what was the fuss about May 5-6? Why was there a fight between troops on June 16-17? Why did India lose 20 lives,” Chidambaram asked.

“If no Chinese troops had crossed the LAC into Indian territory, why did Foreign Minister Jaishankar’s statement refer to “restoration of status quo ante”?” Chidambaram added. He said “if there was no intrusion or violation of LAC, why was there so much talk about “disengagement” of troops by both sides?”

Earlier, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Saturday attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his remark that neither is anyone inside India’s territory nor has any of its posts been captured, alleging that the PM has “surrendered” Indian territory to Chinese aggression.

20 Indian soldiers lost their lives in the violent face-off on June 15-16 during an attempt by the Chinese troops to unilaterally change the status quo during the de-escalation in eastern Ladakh while many others have been injured.

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