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Western Railway incurred a loss of Rs 1,959 crore due to COVID-19

The Western Railway on Saturday said that it incurred a loss of earnings amounting to Rs 1,959 crore on account of COVID-19.

In a press statement, it said the total loss includes Rs 291 crores for suburban section and Rs 1,668 crore for non-suburban.

“In spite of this, resulting in cancellation of tickets from 1st March till 31st July, Western Railway has ensured to refund Rs 407.84 crores. In this refund amount, Mumbai division alone has ensured refund of more than Rs 195.68 crores,” it said.

Till now, 62.73 lakh passengers have cancelled their tickets over the entire Western Railway and have received their refund amount accordingly, the Western Railway said.

Maharashtra on Saturday reported 9,601 new COVID-19 cases and 322 deaths, taking total cases to 4,31,719 including 1,49,214 active cases, 2,66,883 discharges, and 15,316 deaths, said the State Health Department.

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