“Brook Lopez recoiled after Kenyon Martin Jr dunked on him”: Bucks star explains his hilarious reaction to the Rockets rookie’s poster dunk

After being dunked on by Rockets rookie Kenyon Martin Jr, Brooke Lopez had a hilarious reaction, which he broke down after the game.

Getting crossed over, blocked or even turning over the ball is considered to be an embarrassing thing in basketball. However, nothing could be more humiliating than getting dunked over by anyone.

On Friday night, Houston Rockets rookie Kenyon Martin Jr had one such highlight play. Halfway into the third quarter, Martin Jr caught a lob from his teammate Kelly Olynyk and slammed it over Milwaukee’s huge 7-feet Brook Lopez. As Kenyon screamed a few words, Lopez had a rather hilarious reaction to the rookie.

The 6-foot-6 forward probably had such an enthusiastic reaction because just a few minutes prior, the All-Star had dunked on the rookie. It was KJ’s unique way of getting back at the 13-year veteran.

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