“I’m rooting against Kevin Durant and his Brooklyn Nets”: NBA legend Charles Barkley hates superteams and he lets it be known in a recent interview

NBA legend and TNT analyst Charles Barkley believes that super teams are bad for the competitive spirit of the league. 

The former MVP is not one to mince words. Charles Barkley has always been unabashed about speaking his mind. The 11x NBA All-Star recently spoke about how he was rooting against the Brooklyn Nets, who are a juggernaut that has resulted in the shifting of powers in the NBA.

The Brooklyn Nets, as many believe, is one of the best offensive teams to ever be assembled. The likes of 2x NBA Finals MVP Kevin Durant, former NBA champion Kyrie Irving, and former league MVP James Harden coming together.

If this was not enough, the Nets recently added 6x NBA All-Star and former dunk contest winner Blake Griffin to their starting 5 making their chances to win even stronger.

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Charles Barkley expresses his disapproval of the sudden onset of super teams in the NBA

The NBA veteran turned Television personality recently spoke about why he was rooting against the Brooklyn Nets. Barkley stated that the presence of super teams was not good for the game of basketball.

While giving examples of players during his time, Barkley said: Even though we didn’t win a championship, the Sixers were worth watching when I was there. The Knicks were worth watching. The Pacers were worth watching when Reggie (Miller) was there. Same with Atlanta and Dominique (Wilkins),”

Barkley was quick enough to take a dig at the young generation in NBA today. The Hall of Famer felt that the young kids of today quickly give in to peer pressure. He also blamed NBA superstar Lebron James for starting this trend of super teams.

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Barkley believes even though he did not win an NBA championship during his career. It does not take away from the fact that his legacy is intact, and he was able to carve his own niche.

Sir Charles even cited examples of NBA legends such as Reggie Miller, Karl Malone, and Patrick Ewing. As he made his case for NBA players, who despite not winning a ring, will be remembered for their greatness.

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