Is LeBron James playing tonight vs Raptors? Lakers injury report featuring LeBron, Anthony Davis and Kyle Kuzma

‘Is LeBron James playing tonight’?  has been a question everyone has been asking after reports broke through of the Lakers man suffering from a groin issue.

The Los Angeles Lakers have provided an injury update about three of their star players. This is regarding the fitness of LeBron James, Kyle Kuzma and Anthony Davis.

All 3 of these stars had reported some sort of injuries post the Clippers game. LeBron James had an issue with his right groin, whereas Kyle Kuzma was dealing with an ankle sprain. As far Anthony Davis, there were concerns about how ADs eye was holding up post the injury in the scrimmages.

While he did play out the entire game vs the Clippers, there still seemed to be some discomfort invovled.

Is LeBron James playing tonight vs Raptors?

The Lakers have issued an injury report on LeBron James, confirming that he is on course to fully recovering from that sore right groin and should be able to play tonight vs Raptors.

Kuzma and Anthony Davis too are listed as probable, and should in all probability play out the game vs Raptors tonight.

The LA Lakers have a safe cushion of 6-and-a-half games in the Western Conference. Their opening night victory against their rivals Los Angeles Lakers has secured their position at the top of the table. If the Clippers lose the next game against the Pelicans, Los Angeles Lakers will officially take the number one spot in the Western Conference.

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Lakers winning tonight against the defending champions Toronto Raptors will also secure them the top spot in the Western Conference.

Although the stakes are high, the Lakers should probably play it safe with the 6-and-a-half game cushion they have in the Conference table. While the trio will play good enough minutes, expect Frank Vogel to heavily rotate these 3 with the bench, in order to keep them healthy.

LeBron James Concerns

In this context, it is important to note that LeBron himself admitted that he was exhausted after the last-minute victory against the LA Clippers on the opening night of the NBA 2020 restart.

A night off could surely help the Lakers star get back his stamina for the rest of the games coming. If you look at the video he gave at the conference after their previous victory, you can see that he is clearly exhausted.

The Lakers have gotten off to the perfect start in the Bubble and will want to ensure that they keep the momentum going while also keeping their star players fit.

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