“LeBron James is immune to bad box office”: Dan Le Batard explains why the Lakers star’s Space Jam: A New Legacy will be a success

Dan Le Batard explains how LeBron James is going to be a powerful sports team owner and businessman alongside Dwyane Wade.

As a Miami Heat fan, Le Batard has the utmost respect for the man who won Finals MVP for his team twice. The former ESPN analyst knows which side his bread is buttered on, and how exactly the butter sells.

Having broken away from ESPN to constitute his own show for $50 million over 3 years, Dan understands the nature of the business that LeBron is getting himself into. And in Dan’s eyes, LeBron is going to be a success practically without even trying too much.

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How exactly though? Success has never come to anyone on a silver platter in the entertainment industry. Dan has to know this better than most sports fans out there speculating. However, Le Batard also knows the value of a brand.

This realization is what allowed him to break away from Disney and ESPN influence to create his own show.

Dan Le Batard talks about the professional relationship between LeBron James and Dwyane Wade

One of the many topics that the Le Batard show discussed today was regarding LeBron’s future. The crew seems quite excited about the soon-to-be released Space Jam 2 and its financial implications for LeBron James:

“LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are not interested in the now or even the last 15 years. They’re interested in the next 15, they’re interested in a seismic sea change at the top of that sport. Where they saw as the new Jordans the power that they have.”

“They just saw as they came together, fell apart for whatever reason those things break apart. And their union never broke apart, they’re looking to own the game. Like literally, LeBron is going to own one of these teams. And it’s going to be a side project. LeBron is immune to bad box office.”

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