LeBron James post game interview today: Lakers star speaks out on Jacob Blake and Kobe Bryant

LeBron James delivered a powerful post game interview after win in Game 4, talking about Jacob Blake and how voting is important to enforce change.

The Lakers romped to a 20 point win vs Blazers in Game 4 of the ongoing 1st round playoff series. LeBron James had an impressive night once again, scoring 30 points and ensuring that the Blazers never got into their stride.

While he would be impressed by his on-court display, things off the court were on LeBron’s mind tonight. An unarmed black male, Jacob Blake, was shot at least 7 times by the police near Milwaukee.

According to the video footage available on the Internet, the man had walked away from the police and opened his car, when the police decided to shoot him, whilst in the presence of his children.

The incident has sparked tons of reactions on the Internet, with LeBron leading the way for NBA stars.

LeBron James condemns Jacob Blake shooting in post-game interview

The biggest spokesperson for the NBA spoke about how the entire incident affected the players and the black community. With kids of his own, LeBron stated that it was frightening to see the man being shot in front of his children.

He has always championed ways in which people can enforce change and LeBron feels the first step towards it is by voting in the Presidential elections in November.

The Lakers star feels that people have it in them to force change, however, they’ll need to raise their voice like never before.

The emotionally charged up LeBron did confuse Jacob Blake for James Blake there, but was soon to rectify his mistake.

LeBron speaks about Kobe

In the post-game interview today he also spoke about honouring and remembering Kobe Bryant on his birthday and how it has held the team together in the most trying of times.

The Lakers sported the Black Mamba jersey tonight, and looked in cruise control from the word go. Maybe, it had something to do with the jersey and the emotion behind it that they wanted to just go all out blazing from the word go.

It will now be interesting to see how the NBA and the players at large react to the shooting, as clearly a lot of them have been affected by it and will want to use their platform to call out police brutality.

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