“This is the first time Kevin Durant has had to sweat in 5 years”: NBA analyst says he doesn’t want James Harden to come back yet as he believes the ‘Slim Reaper’ needs to prove himself

An NBA analyst claims he does not want James Harden to come back all too soon as he wants Kevin Durant to sweat for the first time in 5 years. 

Kevin Durant has made some questionable moves ever since the Oklahoma City Thunder blew a 3-1 lead to the Golden State Warriors in the 2016 Western Conference Finals. Of course, the offseason move of perhaps the decade took place following that loss as KD took his talents to the very team that had just beaten him merely a month prior. 

For all the flack that Kevin Durant received for this move, the 2014 MVP played well up to the mark and beyond it come Playoff time. Though he did have a security blanket in the form of the two greatest shooters of all time and perhaps the most versatile defender in modern league history, it always came down to KD making big shots; and he did.

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After having proven himself to be a multi-time champion, the ‘Slim Reaper’ ventured out East to join forces with Kyrie Irving; another move of his that was deemed to be ‘the easy route’ by many. This take especially came into fruition when James Harden joined the Brooklyn Nets too. 

Wosny Lambre doesn’t want James Harden to come back just yet as he wants Kevin Durant to work for this title. 

Wosny Lambre has quickly become a staple of the NBA Ringer family as the highly opinionated analyst has yet another hot take, this time on the Bill Simmons Pod. “I kind of don’t want Harden to come back yet. I want to see Kevin Durant sweat for the first time in 5 years. He hasn’t had to since 2016,” said Wos.

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Kevin Durant had his worst game of the 2021 postseason last night in Game 3 of the Nets-Bucks series as he dropped 30 points on 28 shot attempts from the field. It really is saying something about KD when dropping 30 points is considered to be the worst game of his out of his last 8 bouts in the Playoffs. 

The 2x champ is clearly having to be elite on both ends of the floor as the Nets coaching staff has placed him in the center position in their small-ball lineups. With James Harden suffering from a right hamstring strain, there’s no definite timetable on his return. KD just might have to weather the Bucks storm with only Kyrie Irving by his side.  

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