UK government could introduce COVID passports for fans next season | Football News

The UK government is in the final stages of its review over the potential introduction of digital COVID passports for supporters next season.

The requirement would lead to a significant increase in the number of fans allowed to attend games, but has yet to be formally approved.

The Premier League has said it would welcome certification to end social distancing rules and lead to a return of full stadia.

A decision is expected before the next review of coronavirus restrictions by June 21.

“COVID-status certification could have an important role to play both domestically and internationally, as a temporary measure,” a Government spokesperson told Sky Sports News.

“It could potentially play a role in opening up higher-risk settings safely and would take into account a recent negative test, vaccination or natural immunity.

“We are considering a range of evidence around COVID-status certification, this review is ongoing and no final decisions have been taken.”

Just 15 cases of coronavirus emerged from 58,000 people who took part in test events, including the FA Cup final.

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden has revealed that just 15 cases of coronavirus emerged from 58,000 people [0.02 per cent] who took part in test events, including the FA Cup final on May 15.

“Overall it has been a real success,” Dowden told the Evening Standard. “There’s two questions: Can we go ahead with stage four on June 21? I hope, I hope we can. We’re definitely not ruling it out. Then the second question is the ‘how’ and this is about the sort of mitigations that you might have to have in place.”

More than 52,000 responses have been sent to the government during a public consultation, including by businesses and clinicians.

In the UK, businesses are allowed to ask customers for proof of COVID-status provided it complies with equalities legislation.

The government does not believe COVID-status certification should be required for essential settings and services, such as essential retail and public transport, to ensure access for all.

Premier League executive director Bill Bush said on Monday it would be a “major reassurance” if a certification scheme was introduced next season.

English football’s top 20 clubs have lost more than £1 billion during the global pandemic.

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Source – SkySports

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