“We like the way Kevin Durant shoots, ma’am!”: Kwame Brown ridicules NBA media for their coverage of Kyrie Irving and the Nets stars

Kwame Brown took on all of sports media and how they’ve been covering Kevin Durant all these years, with reference to the Jay Williams comments.

The former Lakers big man was fired up and ready to go off right from the time he started his counter this video. Kwame used the 2-3 minutes that he usually takes before he starts talking to show us a picture of his brother.

This is the same brother who Charlamagne tha God had accused of being in jail currently for violent behavior. As the live stream audience reveled in CTG’s total lack of research, he began focusing on the job at hand – pointing out the bad coverage on Kevin Durant.

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Kwame used this podcast to point out just how toxic the media coverage has been for the Nets’ superstars over the past few years. As we all know, KD, Harden and Kyrie are 3 of the most players in the NBA today.

The vitriol they face from fans and media alike is unreal. This is despite how they’ve won NBA awards for their social work and how they’ve given back to their community.

Kwame Brown defends Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving

Kwame begins his critique on Jay Williams and the ESPN crew at around the 4 minute mark of the video below:

“Have you noticed? Either Kyrie Irving or Kevin Durant has been on the news almost every other motherf****** day, have y’all noticed that? I don’t know what you boys did, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. But boy they talking about you almost every single [expletive] day.”

“Kevin Durant can’t go out on a date and not like the girl. She gotta put it on the media and they gotta blow that up. Who gives a [expletive]? We like the way he shoots, ma’am! We don’t give a damn that he don’t want to buy you no more salad. Get your [expletive] back, thank you.”

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“He doesn’t want to be compared to no one, why can’t he be what his mother named him – Kevin Durant! But one thing y’all always wanna do, y’all always wanna take someone’s name and compare it to somebody else.”

“Is he LeBron James, is he Michael Jordan? No he’s the great [expletive] LeBron James. I don’t agree with every damn thing he says, but you can’t take nothing away from his basketball skills. Why do y’all always do this s*** where you gotta compare people?”

Kwame is, as usual, spot on with his analysis of the whole situation.

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