PUBG Vs Free Fire Takes Legal Route: Krafton Files Lawsuit Against Apple, Google, Garena

Krafton is suing Garena for PUBG look-alike

Krafton has also accused Google of hosting YouTube videos showing Free Fire and Free Fire Max gameplay. It should be noted that these two games are offered by the developer Garena, which is also very popular in India. The game itself appears as Garena Free Fire and Garena Free Fire Max. In addition, Krafton accuses Garena of making millions of dollars from the sales of the apps along with Google and Apple.

“Free Fire and Free Fire Max extensively copy numerous aspects of Battlegrounds, both individually and in combination, including Battlegrounds’ proprietary unique opening feature “Air Drop”, game structure and play, combination and choice of weapons, armor, and uniqueness Objects, locations, and the overall choice of color schemes, materials, and textures,” Krafton said.

Krafton Vs Garena: What happened

Krafton Vs Garena: What happened

Let’s see where this all started. It dates back to December 21, according to Krafton, who claims to have reached out directly to Garena. Krafton has asked Garena to stop exploiting Free Fire and Free Fire Max immediately, which Garena apparently refused. The PUBG maker further says Garena sold a game in Singapore in 2017 that “copied” PUBG: Battlegrounds.

At that time, the claims were settled. However, no license agreement was signed between the two publishers. It looks like this has surfaced once again and taken a different legal route.


Krafton also urged Google and Apple to stop distributing these two games. Also, Krafton asked Google YouTube to remove the Free Fire and Free Fire Max gameplay videos from YouTube. Krafton says these videos “contain elements that are blatantly insulting to Battlegrounds and separately the offending feature-length film.” YouTube didn’t do this.

PUBG Mobile vs Free Fire

PUBG Mobile vs Free Fire

When PUBG Mobile was banned in India, many users switched to Free Fire. PUBG later celebrated a comeback as Battlegrounds Mobile India, which also convinced the users again. At the same time, Krafton also released PUBG Mobile New State, which became a hit again. However, Garena Free Fire and Free Fire Max still hold a large portion of the player population.

ONE report by The Verge reveals the win and growth rates of PUBG and Free Fire. Here, Free Fire earned $1.1 billion in player spending in 2021, a 48 percent increase over 2020. At the same time, PUBG Mobile earned $2.9 billion in player spend last year, but that was only a seven percent year-over-year increase. over year.

Simply put, PUBG Mobile’s growth is slowing down while Free Fire’s is skyrocketing. It should be noted that both are battle royale games. In India, PUBG Mobile has mixed feelings about its addictive nature, making parents and guardians skeptical. On the other hand, Garena Free Fire is also very similar but somehow remained accepted by many. It remains to be seen how the lawsuit will take shape.

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