Is N.Korea Dictator Kim Jong un dead? Cause of death reason? who leads North Korea?

These days, after the Corona virus, the news which is in the most headlines is about the health of Kim Jong Un (North Korea) dictator, many news is getting viral on social media, which is claimed Kim Jong Un has died, but it is not completely clear yet whether Kim Jong-un died or not? So far, Kim Jong-un’s lion remains a mystery.

Is N.Korea Dictator Kim Jong un dead

Is N.Korea Dictator Kim Jong un dead?

At the same time, it is being speculated that if Kim Jong-un dies, then who will be the next dictator of North Korea? Meanwhile, we will tell you further about the name that is coming up, which remained with us to know.

According to national and international news, Kim Yo-jong, the sister of Kim Jong, the next dictator of North Korea, is being considered. Meanwhile, on social media, Ram Gopal Varma’s tweet is becoming very viral, why is it happening at last, then tell you that on Twitter, Ram Gopal Varma tweeted a tweet. In which he described Kim Yo Jong, the sister of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, as the first female villain.

Kim Jong death reason?

What Ram Gopal Varma wrote in a tweet which translated into Hindi – ‘It is rumored that after Kim Jong Un’s death, his sister will take the place which is more ruthless than him. The good news is that the world will get its first female villain. ‘ We have no need to tell you anything about Kim Jong Un, because you will already know a lot about Kim Jong Un, if you do not know then let me know that Kim Jong Un has been in North Korea for the last 8 years. Is handling the speculation. Kim Jong Un is also considered a dictator leader. Stayed with us to go to the latest news related to Kim Jong Un.

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