ISIS “bride” should be treated as a “terrorist” rather than a “lost gap year student”: security officials

Former British counterterrorism officials have warned that a British girl who joined ISIS as a teenager should be treated as a terrorist when she returns.

Shami Mabegum, 22, left the United Kingdom in 2015 to hitch the Islamic State of Syria. At the age of 15, she married a man who was later convicted of a terrorist crime.

Since then, she has repeatedly begged her to return to Britain and even supplied to assist the federal government struggle the conflict on terrorism.

But Richard Walton, who was liable for counterterrorism on the Metropolitan Police Department from 2011 to 2016, stated Thursday that Begum should not look beneficiant and should be treated “like a terrorist.”

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In an interview with GB News, Walton stated, “She was treated as if she was a gap year student who lost on a beach in Thailand when she was actually admitted to a terrorist crime in yesterday’s interview. I have. ” “She said she joined the banned organization Islamic State, and if you joined the banned terrorist organization, you committed a terrorist crime.”

“So she should be treated as a terrorist, not as a lost gap year student.”

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Begum appeared in “Good Morning Britain” Wednesday morning, stating that she might be “helping society,” and begged the federal government to “not rot” her in refugee camps. BBC report.

However, Walton reminded viewers that then Interior Minister Sajid Javid had revoked Begum’s citizenship and emphasised that “we should respect that decision.”

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Begum has made a number of makes an attempt to return to the UK, together with a 2019 push with a petition to return to care for a sick child. The baby died of pneumonia, and Begum stated he had beforehand misplaced two kids.

Begum stated he was “sick” of her choice to hitch ISIS and “disliked” herself by taking part.

“I had these opinions for a very long time, but only now I feel comfortable expressing my true opinion,” she stated.

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British security businesses don’t consider in Begum’s declare that she is simply a “mother and wife,” and that she acts as a part of the “moral police” and explodes suicide bombers. Sew on the vest, Daily mail report.

Source – FoxNews