Trump Says “Tiktok” Will Be Ban In US By September 15 Unless An American Company Buys

Tiktok is created by china before couples of the month a lot of people love it a lot but due to the circumstances which happened by china. Many countries took the decision to bane it because the people made the video anywhere at any time without any reason. Which created a lot of accidents and it made it dangerous. Donald Trump President of America had said that he was going to ban TikTok on August 2, but a 45-days window has been negotiated.

TikTok is banned due to all countries have the reason behind it. and its totally depend on circumstances because all government of the country knows. That what would be good for the people or what would not good. So that why it got ban it takes a lot of data of takes the extra space or without any reason, the youth was making a video. After uploading the video they got a lot of followers whose they don’t know as everyone knows that in the society all types of mentality people live so no one knows that who has at what type of mentality. or due to the pandemic also it got banned.

TikTok will "closedown" on september 15 unless an American company buys it, says Trump


  • Abusive content
  • wrong ideas spread in the society
  • not safe for a generation

The president of United States America Mr. Donald Trump has to brandish that TikTok will be out of the business in the U.S on the month of September 15. If byte dance, its parent company not able to sell it and provide the U.S treasure department ” along with money ” this arrives off a supra claim Trump made about it banning the app on the month of August 2,. the U.S president announced the news at the white house.

The president of the united states America said that the TikTok will close down on the month of September 15, unless such a big prominent platform like the Microsoft, or other company, arranges. To purchase and even arranges to work out an appropriate deal with the U.S treasury the blog of Microsoft about purchasing TikTok even mentions providing a suitable economic advantage to the U.S along with the U.S treasury.

Due to the reason behind the pandemic is china everyone knows that the coronavirus pandemic also started from china, in short, it’s a global disease which really very dangerous. Even the TikTok made by china so now the nation thinks that why they are giving them profit then this is also one strong reason behind the TikTok ban.

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